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An Open Letter to TRMA Members: 

Since our inception in 2005 as the Margarita M.A.F.I.A., (musicians, artists & fans in alliance), our goal was simple:  To solidify an emerging style of music we felt should be its own genre.  

Within a few short years, fans and artists were calling the music Trop Rock, and it’s hard to remember a time when this music didn’t have a name.  

In 2007, we became the Trop Rock Music Association and implemented an awards show to give the genre credibility, and extend Trop Rock’s popularity beyond the Parrothead nation.

Like any genre of music, it evolves and changes as it grows.

And, it's time for change once again.

Over the years, the time we have dedicated to the association has limited our attention to our own musical endeavors.  

We will continue to be part of the TRMA, serving on the board and producing the Trop Rock Music Awards, but we will no longer be responsible for day to day operations.

Artist Review Board Member, Mark Friedman, has graciously offered to take the helm, as the TRMA goes through some major changes and restructuring.

We were hoping to have all the changes in place by the end of the year, but it will require additional time to get things up and running.

During this time the TRMA will not be able to accept new memberships. You will be able to join the TRMA after the restructuring is completed.  

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to shift the focus from Jimmy Buffett cover bands to original music, expanding Trop Rock beyond the Parrothead nation.

The Trop Rock Music Awards will continue to introduce new artists, and recognize venues, events, house concerts, fans -- all the “behind the scenes” people who make the Trop Rock world go round. 

We thank you for your support over the years. Trop Rock artists and fans are the most generous people in the world.  We’re grateful to be part of this wonderful family.

Keep Trop Rockin’, 

Tom & Michelle

             10th Annual Trop Rock Music Awards
Friday, November 3, 2017
Casa Marina Resort, Key West, FL   



Donny Brewer


Brittany Kingery


The Detentions


The Boat Drunks


Donny Brewer


Donny Brewer - "Winnebago Tapes, Vol 1"


Donny Brewer - "Rum and Somethin'" (with Reggie Starrett)


Jesse Rice


JD Edge (fiddle) - Southern Drawl Band


Donny Brewer

RADIO - Mid Size

Radio A1A - Internet

RADIO - Small

Radio TropRock - Internet


Trop Rockin' the USA - Eric & Gina Babin - Radio TropRock


Smokin' Tuna - Key West, FL


The Yard / Mark & Sharon Leverett - Tampa, FL


Music on the Bay - Tampa Bay, FL


Coleen Fuch

"I CAN" Award

Donny Brewer


Earl Bernhardt & Pam Fortner - Tropical Isle

A special thanks to following champions of the Trop Rock Music Association, who have gone the extra mile to help produce this year's awards show. 
Mark and Heather Freidman, Eric and Gina Babin, Dave and Carolyn McBride, Dale and Peach Hench, Cindy Muir Bates, Techtronics Sound, Jim Hoehn, Greg Dumas 

What is Trop Rock?

Tropical Rock (or Trop-Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements and influences of Rock and Roll, Country and Caribbean  themes with an island style that represents a laid-back way of life.

Instrumentation is usually acoustic guitar-based, and often includes steel drum, congas, marimbas, vibes or other percussion instruments to create an "island sound".

While Country and other musical styles focus on "Falling in Love" / "Falling Out of Love" themes, Trop Rock's main focus is on "Escapism" -- a laid back lifestyle, tropical places, boating, simplifying life and having fun.  

Jimmy Buffett is often referred to as the "Pop of Trop Rock".  Other Major Label artists include:  Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band and Bertie Higgins.

Independent singer/songwriters are a major force in Trop Rock music.  

Trop Rock fans travel the country attending events featuring their favorite Trop Rock artists.  The largest Trop Rock event, "Meeting of the Minds", is held each November in Key West, Florida.  This event features dozens of Trop Rock artists and attracts close to 5,000 fans.

History Lesson

Originating in 2005, the Trop Rock Music Association  -- formerly known as the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. (Musicians, Artists and Fans In Alliance), is a community of Artists, DJ's, Club Owners and Music Lovers coming together to support and promote Trop Rock music. 

By bringing the Trop Rock professional community and listening audience together, we are able to increase awareness of Trop Rock Music, elevate the genre and bring the music to a larger audience.

We've made some MAJOR progress over the past several years, with more Artists, Radio Stations, Venues, House Concerts and Events than ever before!!! 

Now, with members in 48 states, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean, we are taking Trop Rock music worldwide! 

Become a member and be part of the Trop Rock movement!

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